personal collection

Affinity Resin by Sarah Rose

Aghane Hound Resin by Marina Krawak

Arista Resin by Tracie Caller, painted by anja franke 2016


1st place 'Warmbloods', Hanover 2016

1st place 'Warmbloods', Magdeburg 2016

5th place 'Haired Horses', Salzatal 2017

Borzoi Resin by Northlight

Brigitte Eberl Cobra Mares:

Noblesse Resin

Linda Resin

Estella II Resin

Estimada Resin (coming soon)


(Not all of them are from the original line. But I'think they are very close)


Claire Resin by Brigitte Eberl

Fiesta uns Laura Resin by Yana Danilova

Haggis Resin (Traditional) by Kitty Cantrell

Kittydidit Resin by Kitty Cantrell

BODY, will be painted soon

Lonestar Resin by Sarah Rose


Najim Resin by Brigitte Eberl

Nighthawk Resin by Kitty Cantrell

Nitro Resin by Kitty Cantrell


1st place 'Decorator', Bensheim 2014

5th place 'Angry Horses', Salzatal 2016

1st place 'Decorator', Bensheim 2016

3rd place 'Angry Horses', Hanover 2016

Octopussy Resin by Brigitte Eberl, painted by anja franke 2016


2nd place 'Performance', Hanover 2016

3th place 'Stock Breeds', Magdeburg 2016

5th place 'Reining', Magdeburg 2016

5th place 'Paint Horses', Berlin 2016

5th place 'Paint Horses', Salzatal 2017

6th place 'Western Pleasure', Bensheim 2016

5th place 'Western Performance', Bensheim 2017


Odins Son Resin by Brigitte Eberl

Peppy Poco Chacha Resin by Lynn Fraley

Reiner Resin by Sahra Rose ( painted by Cindy Williams)

tack set and doll from anja franke


3th place 'Performance', Salzatal 2016

1st place 'Qarter/ Paint Horses', Resin champion, Salzatal 2016

1st place 'Performance', Res. Performance Champ., Berlin 2016


3rd place 'Western Trail', Bensheim 2016

1st place 'Halterclass chestnut', Bensheim 2016

Resin champion, Res. Grandchampion, Bensheim 2016


1st place 'Performance', Hanover 2016

2nd place 'Reining', 2nd place 'Stock Breeds', Magdeburg 2016 

1st place 'Paint horses', 5th place 'Performance', Salzatal 2017


1st place 'Paint horses!, Bensheim 2017

1st place 'Western Pleasure', Bensheim 2017



Sadie Shoofly Resin by Lynn Fraley, painted by?

Senator Resin by Brigitte Eberl

Siglavy Montana Resin by Brigitte Eberl

Sushi Resin by Brigitte Eberl


Timepiece Resin by Sommer Prosser, coming soon

Valor Resin II by Carol Williams

Breyer cutting calf (painted by Anja Franke 2016)


6th place 'Cows', Berlin 2016

Breyer Don't look twice


1st place 'Quarter Horses and Paint', Salzatal 2016


2nd place 'Stock Breeds', Magdeburg 2016


2nd place 'Quarter Horse', Berlin 2016

2nd place 'Western Performance', Berlin 2016


3rd place 'Quarter Horse', Bensheim 2016

3rd place 'Western Horses', Hanover 2016


4th place 'Quarter Horse', Salzatal 2017

Breyer Gilen custom, painted by anja franke artworks 2017


3rd place 'Warmblood', 5th place 'Foals', Salzatal 2017