Welcome to my Website!


My name is Anja and I'm a 28 years old artist from Hanover, Germany.


I started collecting model horses at the age of seven. Over the years I assembled a quite large collection of Schleich-horses and of course my beloved Barbie-Horse 'Lucky'.


When I grew up I decided that model horses are not cool anymore. I started Vet-school and moved from my parents. Unfortunately I stopped painting at that time too. Becoming a Vet is a hard thing...




But in 2010 I decided that my poor old models don't deserve to be forgotten in a cardboard box. I started researching what to do with them, and found the art of model horse-customizing.


And here I am 6 years later: a self employed artist!




During the years I tried many different techniques... pastels, acrylics, oils, pencils and airbrush.


I still use all of them, depending on the colour I want to paint.


My speciality is hairing! I love haired horses and I'm happy to take commissions for it!


Since I have a Borzoi (Russian wolfhound) I got many requests from friends to paint dog-figurines too.


I will offer commission spots for animal portrait drawings in the future too!



So stay tuned and follow my Facebook page, Instagram or Pinterest!





some pics from my work and travel in Canada in 2015 (with my dog)