terms and conditions

commission spots: please inquirer if spots are available, spot is save once model has been send to me or deposit is payed, no commissions on dolls and english tack


deposits: a non-refundable deposit of 50€  is required before I start working on the model/ saddle set (20€ for dog models)


pricing: price is calculated individually, please inquire via e-mail with details of the model and the colour you wish, I will confirm the price with you before I start working


prepping: I decide how intense the prepping work is and what to charge, you are welcome to get the model professionally prepped by another artist


hairing: price depends on colour, shading and hairstyle, I use high quality mohair, only in combination with a paint job!


working time: I will give you a heads up how long it will take approximately to get your horse done, no guarantee but usually it's 1-2 months for a traditional horse


payments: bank transfer or paypal (additional fees must be payed from the buyer), for time-payments please inquirer


shipping: all prices without shipping, only insured shipping available! add: germany 5-6€, europe 14-16€, US/canada/world 35€

model horses (traditional)


prepping/resculpt     30-100€


solid colour                        120€

pinto                           +30-100€

appy / roan               +50-200€


greys                           150-300€


mohair                              +100€

sculpted base             +25-50€

add acrylic stand             +20€

horse shoes                       +30€


model not included!




tack and dolls (tradi/classic)


western set               200-250€

western saddle          120-150€

bridle                              30-40€

breast plate                    25-35€

western pad                        45€

leather splint boots           25€








no commission, only sales:

dolls, english saddle sets


model dogs/ other animals


dog (traditional) start at 40€













model not included!

other animals please inquirer


portrait drawings


pencil A4                             80€

coloured pencil/pastels 100€












other sizes please inquirer