Gallery of modelhorses with special colors and patterns, painted by anja franke artworks

Superlumina resin bennett pegasus modelhorse
Superlumina Resin by Maggie Bennett (Pegasus Custom by me)
modelhorse unicorn ultimate star debbi lermond
Ultimate Star Resin by Debbi LerMond
rabi resin modelhorse unicorn keeling white
Rabi Resin custom by Vicky Keeling
bay appaloosa roan resin modelhorse haired vata lynn fraley
Vata Resin by Lynn Fraley
extrem sabino resin modelhorse iskrajames richmond
Iskra Resin by James Richmond
chestnut manchado resin modelhorse haired odins son brigitte eberl
Odin's Son Resin by Brigitte Eberl
silver bay sabino modelhorse haired breyer carrick custom
Breyer Carrick Custom
modelhorse bacchus emilia kurila red roan draft horse
Bacchus Resin by Emilia Kurila
collecta modelhorse appaloosa blue roan
CollectA Appaloosa Stallion Custom
lady hamilton resin modelhorse blue roan sue tompson
Lady Hamilton Resin by Sue Tompson
red roan schleich modelhorse custom
Schleich Quarter Horse Mare Custom

This gallery will give you an overview on all the modelhorses with special colors and patterns I painted. If you are interested in more pictures of a certain horse contact me. This galleries will provide more information and pictures of all the modelhorses.