Gallery of chestnut modelhorses painted by anja franke artworks

chestnut arabian resin modelhorse sushi brigitte eberl
Sushi Resin by Brigitte Eberl
chestnut arabian foal resin modelhorse bidjar by bogucki
Bidjar Resin by Kathy Bogucki
chestnut modelhorse collecta appaloosa
CollectA Appaloosa custom
chestnut resin modelhorse sierra brigitte eberl warmblood mare
Sierra Resin by Brigitte Eberl
chestnut appaloosa resin modelhorse haired nitro kitty cantrelle
Nitro Resin by Kitty Cantrelle
chestnut sabino modelhorse haired victrix carol williams
Victrix Resin by Carol Williams
liver chestnut resin modelhorse knightly cadence carol williams
Knightly Cadence Resin by Carol Williams
chestnut resin modelhorse grace haired brigitte eberl grazing arabian mare
Grace Resin by Brigitte Eberl
liver chestnut resin modelhorse haired peppy poco chacha lynn fraley
Peppy Poco Chacha Resin by Lynn Fraley
liver chestnut resin modelhorse haired wega brigitte eberl arabian mare
Wega Resin by Brigitte Eberl

This gallery will give you an overview on all the chestnut and liver chestnut colored modelhorses I painted. If you are interested in more pictures of a certain horse feel free to contact me. This galleries will provide more information and pictures of all the modelhorses.