We arrived in Canada four weeks ago! Time to do a first city trip!

I wish I could say the weather is nicer, but unfortunately there was some snow this week. Although we had some sunshine and 13°C for a few days. But instead of complaining about the weather I will tell you about my very nice trip to Toronto.

I got up at 5am to walk the dogs and do the barn and went to Toronto by train. The interesting thing is, that there are only 2 trains in the morning ant two in the evening! The main station of Toronto has only 6 tracks! Another evidence that in Canada public transportation is not as developed as in Germany. But it´s so funny, that Canadians wait in lines for the train to arrive and board in exact the same order, as they arrived at the platform!

In Toronto I was just walking around downtown the whole day and enjoyed the spirit of the city. I visited the harbor, CN-Tower an of curse did some shoppingat the Eaton Center.

Just at lunch time I passed the hard rock cafe and of course I stepped in for a burger.

I also “visited” the German Council to get an official translation of my driving license (forgot to do that in Germany). I really enjoyed the day in the city and realized that I want to live in the city again when I am back in Germany!

So after an exiting day I went home to the farm and of course when the train arrived I was welcomed by a hailstorm!