Welcome to Canada

After a very long journey my dog Else and I arrived in Canada!

On March 29 my friend Lenny and I left Hannover to visit her parents in the Netherlands. Thanks a lot for the invitation! We stayed there for the night and on March 30 at 5am we went to Amsterdam international airport. I was so nervous leaving Else in her crate for the long flight. I was really scared she might not got into the plane and. But then I saw her crate standing next to my airplane and finally the staff putted her carefully in the airplane.

The flight took more then 9 hours because of the terrible weather. I took some nice pictures over Greenland – snow everywhere.

We landed at 1 am at Toronto international airport and again I got nervous when I will see Else again. Poor little girl was so exhausted and tiered! With preparation in Amsterdam and the time I took me to pass border service and vet inspection she stayed in the crate for 12 hours!

Kirsten was waiting for us at the Airport and brought us to Beaverwood farm. Our new home.

Compared with the 16°C in Germany the temperature around zero in Canada felt like arctic. But at least sun was shining!

The next week I became very ill and also Else had a Jet lag. But now we are both healthy and happy again. Okay I was a little bit jealous when I heard of the 24°C in Germany.

The farm is quite nice. I live together with the family and have my own room and bath in the house. Else is outside with the three Newfoundland dogs. First she was a bit scared of them, but now she really likes to run and play with them.

The first weekend after our arrival I went with the family to a horse show and competition and I had the chance to buy my first Breyer in Canada: “Zenyatta's First Colt”. The next day we went to Kirsten's parents to celebrate Eastern! They were born in Switzerland and we talked a little bit in German. Even the Canadian Easter bunny brought a few things and chocolate for me! I already did some real canadian things: Maple sirup  boiling, Salamander watching by night and a Barbecue in the woods!


Thanks for reading

Anja and Else